Calgary Wedding Photographers and Videographers

22May 2021

wedding photographers

Calgary Wedding Photographers and Videographers

It’s the time of year people start thinking about their wedding. In this featured post we are going to talk about one of Calgary’s best wedding photographers Bandi Wedding Photography who loves what he does and cares about your special day.

Bandi is Hungarian for Andy. His father is Andy, he has a cousin Andy, and another cousin Andrew. Bandi tells me when the family is together, it only makes sense to differentiate himself from everyone else. So it is with his Calgary wedding photography. This has allowed him to establish a place in a profession that he truly loves.

With years of diversified experience, creative professionalism, and a wide range of cutting edge camera  equipment, he can confidently capture the very best of every moment, in any style you desire

We asked Bandi “What are the questions you get asked most” here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked wedding photography questions I’ve heard over the years.

wedding photographers

What are some things I should know about hiring a Calgary wedding photographer?

The most important thing to know about photographers, before hiring them, is their style.  Ask to see their portfolio.  Ask for the story behind their images.  And finally, ask how much experience they have shooting weddings.  Do not get caught in the trap: everyone has an “Uncle Billy” with a camera… let the professionals do the work, and do it properly.  Couples wish to remember their wedding days with fondness and joy, not with regret of having “Uncle Billy” miss those precious moments.

How long does a typical wedding photography session last?

All our Calgary Wedding Photography sessions are fully customizable. We provide specific coverage or All-Day coverage: from bride/groom getting ready, and pre-ceremony, to the ceremony itself, formal photos with family and the wedding party, as well as more intimate bride/groom photos.  Then there is the reception, entrance, speeches, first dance, bouquet toss; everything.

What is the average cost of a Calgary wedding photographer?

Some wedding photographers will charge $3000 up to over $5000!  At BandiPhotoGraphy, we believe in “sharing” the Wedding experience with our brides and grooms… we are there, with them, the entire day.  Our rates reflect this philosophy, starting at $1000 to $2000 for 6-8 hours coverage. From there, we can add a second photographer, a videographer, and even an overhead drone!

What are some good poses for the bride and groom?

We enjoy spending quality time, getting to know the bride and groom; an Engagement photo session is a good “rehearsal” for the actual wedding day; being relaxed and comfortable in front of a camera means superior photos.  Popular pose scenarios include up-close and intimate, walking holding hands, and from a distance. We may have the bride sitting on the groom’s lap, hugging, kissing, or just whispering in the other’s ear.  We may use the bride’s vale to “hide” the couple during an intimate moment.  And we take advantage of the surroundings, to get distanced photos of the couple holding each other, kissing, or just holding hands.

How many photos should be taken for a bride and groom?

With digital cameras, we take 2000+ photos during All-Day coverage.  During post-production, we pick the top 200 or top 300, sometimes adding an artistic filter (b/w, sepia, saturation), convert the images into various formats (popular print and web sizes), and we provide the bride and groom with ALL those images.  Some wedding photographers will only provide 10 to 20 images, then charge extra for the rest.

What is the best time to schedule a photography session?

Contact your photographer as early as possible, to confirm your Wedding Date, to ensure their availability on your special day.  This also allows for time to ask questions, see their portfolio, and organize an “engagement” shoot as an informal rehearsal for the Wedding day.

Passion vs Hobby

Photography for me is not part-time, it is not a weekend hobby or distraction. Capturing those unique moments is my passion.  Immersed in the moment, various perspectives are merged for the preservation of the essence of people and events. Years of experience allow for the anticipation of movement, getting into the best position, to capture and thereby highlight.


As an experienced professional, I am committed to leaving no room for error, using only the best of the best; a wide selection of top-caliber DSLR cameras, lenses, lighting, and accessories. This allows me to work in nearly any environment, under almost any condition, seamlessly and without interruption.  Of course, it is also essential to maintain outstanding customer relations, with a happy attitude.


BandiPhotography is licensed and insured wedding photographers, operating as a professional photography and cinematography business.  Our assets, resources, and equipment are specific to providing clients with the highest level of quality and assurance.
So if you are planning a wedding or know someone then chack out BandiPhotoGraphy – Call (403) 252-5353



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